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Muay Thai/Kickboxing


With techniques including kicks, punches, and the extensive use of knees and elbows, Muay Thai is often referred to as the science of 8 limbs. It is an effective and brutal martial art originally from Thailand. Muay Thai distinguishes itself from western kickboxing and other standup martial arts by 3 things: the clinch, the Thai low kick, and the Thai roundhouse.


Muay Thai or Thai boxing, in its most commonly seen sports form, is a full-contact ring fighting often called the “science of eight limbs (hands, elbows, feet, knees).” Thai Boxing can be seen throughout Thailand in hundreds of stadiums and is now gathering popularity throughout the world. Thai Boxers are considered the kings of the ring due to their incredible ring record. The Thai international full contact competitors win over 80% of the time and most of those who do defeat the Thais do it with methods similar to Thai boxing. Currently, Thai Boxing is gaining popularity in many countries due to its simple, yet extremely effective approach to training and combat..

Muay Thai is known for its rigorous and extreme conditioning. Class begins with an intense warm-up which include jumping rope, shadow boxing, and other bodyweight exercises. Pad work and drilling with a partner follow to develop power, timing, and speed. The basic offensive techniques that are drilled use punches and kicks in the free-range and knees and elbows in the clinch. Classes end with some more conditioning, bag work, and a cool-down. Sparring is reserved for the more advanced levels under a supervised instructor.

Thai shorts, t-shirt, hand wraps, gloves. If sparring is involved additional equipment such as a mouthguard, shin pads and headgear are recommended.